Monday, February 2, 2009


  • TemeKula performed in her first dance recital and loved it!
  • Gram took TemeKula to see the Nutcracker ballet
  • Breasha had her second baby boy Izick Chet
  • We held babies ALL week long
  • We went to St. George and visited my grandparents
  • TemeKula had a sleepover with her cousins
  • Santa Clause came to Grams house and brought the kids new tooth brushes
  • We made gingerbread houses
  • We celebrated Christmas at Papa and Nana's
  • TemeKula was Mary in the Nativity Devotional, Jeremy was Joseph, and baby Madilyn was Jesus
  • Played Nintendo DS day and night
  • We played family feud and then later got in a "family feud" over Settlers of Catan. Brady accused everyone of cheating and although that may be true EVERYONE got offended by our madness. Brady and I love each other, but during the game we can be pretty brutle to each other. :)
  • Brady finished another semester and made it through finals
  • TemeKula loved the sparkling cider we had for New Years
  • I became addicted to Whacky Six
  • We were spoiled for Christmas
  • Brady and I did a turn around on the free way and nearly wrecked our car going to St. George (My car is HORRIBLE in the snow)


~..kass..~ said...

Be careful in the snow!!! How scary. Oh close are you to having your little man? I hope Am's wedding was great tell her CONGRATS!!!!

JandJ said...

Settlers does that to us all the time!