Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Names

Brady and I are in desperate need of baby boy names! If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them:)


{The Ellison's} said...

Rowan, Wade, Blaire, Owen(a personal favorite), Ethan, Preston, Blake...I will look through my book of baby names again and post some more. Good luck!

the Millers said...

I had a huge list of boy names, but such a hard time with girl names!! I loved, Cruz, Roman, Beckham, Bridger, Tait, Graham, Kingston, Gage, Andersen... I'll have to remember more and write them.

CUFFS said...

I know it's a last name but I have always liked the name Jensen for a boy...I know it's out there!!!Aiden was the other name I was thinking before I picked Jaden. Kenton,Daxon,Elan,Jenner,Hayden,
Riley, Gunner,Talon,Vance...I just went through the alphabet can you tell...a little choppy with the order but some just came to me!!!

How much longer by the way??? You need to post prego pics girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are having trouble with boy names too! I will tell you the ones that Tim vetoed that I loved.
Remington, Benson, Samson, Orren, Harrison, & Henry. :-) Good luck!


My FAV boy name is Talmage!! That goes cute with your last name!