Thursday, July 17, 2008

Look who's FOUR!!

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Grandma Karen and Renic came up from St. George and suprised TemeKula the day of her birthday. It was an eventful day. We started out with Horseback riding in Hooper, (THANKS MOM!! TEMEKULA IS OBSESSED WITH HORSES, SHE WOULD JUMP ON ANY OPPORTUNITY OF BEING A COWGIRL.),then swimming at Aunt Shirley. When I was little I loved to go to my Uncle Brads and Aunt Shirleys. They have an awesome pool in their back yard and they keep you entertained by their amazing talents. Brad is an amazing piano and guitar player and they both have AWESOME voices. After our LONG drive home, we had my favorite,"Pizza Factory", and Brady made TemeKula a nummy birthday cake. (Poor man has to be the cook in the family, I'm learning though!) The anticipation had built up all day long we couldn't wait to open birthday presents. Brady is obsessed with golf and so we got her golf clubs. We saved them for very last and when she opened them we didn't get the reaction we were hoping for! She opened them and gave us the dirtiest look, pushed them, then kicked them on the floor. Thats not like TemeKula at all, we hurried and milked it with our EXCITEMENT and she warmed up to liking them. We had already planned on taking Renic and her to the putting range afterwards, and that turned out ok. She likes to golf, but I think from all the attention she got that day she wasn't being herself.

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