Monday, April 7, 2008

My Prince Charming

Every girl has a fairytale dream of the moment her prince begs for her hand in marriage. My fairytale became a reality on April 8, 2008. On that night, my knight in shinning armor (he was actually wearing jeans and a navy sweater with a popped collar) took me on a journey to Ensign Peak overlooking the Salt Lake Valley.

The night began when he gave me an exotic, gigantic, and gorgeous bouquet of extremely rare and precious flowers. Although it isn't unusual for Brady to give me such gifts, my predetermined "YES!" almost left my mouth before he was given a chance to ask. I was very anxious for Brady to propose and already wanted to take him into my arms and hold him forever.

We left the farm house on my black stallion because the heater in his green horse didn't work as well as mine. It was just a short ride from my house to the base of Ensign Peak. At the top of the mountain, Brady's castle and banquet hall awaited our arrival. There was however, a long arduous hike up steep mountain cliffs to where Prince Brady's castle was located.

Brady took me by the hand with a smile. He knew undoubtedly that there were trials ahead, but seemed confident we could endure and triumph together. I reached out to him trusting in his knowledge and strength.

Ten minutes later, we reached the top. It was beautiful! Oh, and the sunset and view looked nice too. We enjoyed my favorite dessert (cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory) as the city lights, in unison with the stars, emerged from the yellow, orange, and purple colors of the setting sun.

Before I knew it, Brady was on his knee. I was humbled that a man of his stature and notoriety would kneel in deference to me. His words and mine could not convey the desire and feeling of our hearts. It was at that moment that Brady and I committed to serve, protect, and cherish each other with infinite love and admiration.

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