Monday, August 8, 2011


big deal i totally stalk
kate middleton
why does she have to be so gorgeous?
i love her style and apparently so does everyone else,
because all her pieces are bought
within seconds of finding them, in honesty to myself i couldn't
swallow buying a THREE HUNDRED dollar dress anyway.
that's why i have decided to give the
Design for Shabby Apple

a shot!
i know this is definitely a stretch, but it was kind of fun:)

this is a combination of kate's (first name basis were pretty tight in the stalking business)
camel bandage dress, just with sleeves since i like to
cover my white relief society arms year round.:)

i would use a fabric mixture of rayon, spandex, and silk to make this dress have
a smooth, sexy, and breathable feel.
( i'm not a seamstress so i'm hoping there is a
fabric close to that description!)

thanks for humoring me (or letting me humor myself!!)

1 comment:

Ryan, Melissa & Zachary said...

I totally stalk her too! I just love her! & by the way u do not have relief society arms! U r so gorgeous, I am SO jealous of u everytime I see u!! :)