Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Fall 2010}

meeting {jocelyn}

{carving} pumpkins with cousins
hot chocolate
we.love {halloween}
a must: pumpkin.COOKIE.DOUGH.ice.cream
from nielsens custard!

Our {Halloween} Party
With goblins and treats...
Goulish games and plenty of sweets.

glow.in.the.dark {skeletons}
trick or treat


BOOing our (friends)


pumpkin.cookieswheelers {farm}

the {circus}

tin.foil dinners

swearing in ceremony

I scream you scream.. we all scream for

lemonade stand {$3.75}

hogle {zoo}


tea party with amber.and.everett
fall.soccerindependent{xbox} with daddytemekula started {first} grade
our {first} camping trip

end of {summer}


Kade and McCall said...

How fun!!!!!!

Key Family said...

Lace such cute pictures!!!

Jocelyn is adorable!! all your kids have your gorgeous eye lashes.

Love temmys funny face it reminds me of you and i when we were little.

love you

Courtney said...

Your new baby girl is beautiful!!

TravisandLaineeRead said...

thats a VERY long post, probably the longest I have ever seen:) Lace, I love your fam, they are all adorable. Baby Jocelyn is too cute! And k that pic of Beckham eating Ramen....hahah so sweet. You guys look wonderful as always! I hope we can see you guys soon, we miss you! Love ya girl. If you need anything holler at us

Kellie said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE all the new pics! You have the cutest little kiddies! Jocelyn is adorable and seriously who looks that great right after giving birht?!?! That's right, my hot friend ha! I really need to see and hold this new babe please come down to STG!! Love ya!

Clint, Brielle, Molly and Maggie said...

Your kids are beautiful every last one of them, Mekas hair is gorgeous- I wish Molly had even a third of that. And that sweet baby her bows are to die for where did you find them....

Manette said...

I love your pictures. You're so good at taking them!

Jocelyn is beautiful. I love all the bows and everything.

I also love the Juno costumes. Very good idea!

Your kids are so cute. I hope I can see you guys soon. Maybe at one of the upcoming weddings?

Genevieve said...

i love all the updates!! jocelyn is beautiful and beckham and meka are just getting so big!! thanks for posting pics lacee :)

Jorgensen's said...


Karly Barker said...

Lacee! I am SO glad you commented because I have totally looked at your blog and am pretty much in love with your darling family! And as for the wedding dress... I remember seeing pictures of yours and I LOVED it! I loved the sleeves - so we can swap anytime for pictures right? That is totally normal right? And as for those adorable kids of yours - how do you make them so cute! Seriously. I can't get over it! Congrats on everything cute girl. So happy for you! Stay in touch.

Brock and Melissa said...

I'm so glad you commented and I found your blog! I've seen it before but couldn't remember the site. I know everyone has said this already, but you make BEAUTIFUL BABIES! My goodness. Jocelyn is to die for. She makes me want a little girl. :)