Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

  • Thank you Amber for calling me Thursday with no training to run Saturday
  • Thank you Hubby and Everett for driving us up the mountain at 4 AM, to sneak Amber in the race without a number, sorry we couldn't find the start and had to sneak her on the bus anyway.
  • Thank you sweater for keeping me warm during the ONE MILE walk to the starting line.
  • Thank you Hubby for forgiving me when I lost your Ipod plug in the stampede.
  • Thank you ground for catching my fall when I felt like I weighed 1000 lbs.
  • Thank you Amber for peeing your pants laughing while I was enduring my embarrassing moment on the ground.
  • Thank you TemeKula for letting me borrow your tiny earplugs even though they didn't fit. OOPS
  • Thank you cheerleaders big and small for the encouragement along the way.
  • Thank you cones for marking the way even if I wanted to knock you down at mile one.
  • Thank you runners for your support and fun environment.
  • Thank you Amber for pushing me so hard and not giving up on me even if I cursed you along the way.
  • Thank you sprinkler systems for quenching my thirst.
  • Thank you Gatorade- I mean medicine drink for boosting my electrolytes.
  • Thank you stomach for holding in what I had until I CROSSED the finish line.
  • Thank you family for being there at the finish line, seeing a familiar face was kind of emotional and made such a long run worth it.
  • Thank you sales man for introducing me to your pills at such a convenient time. (NOT the PLACE or TIME to say ARE YOU TAKING YOUR VITAMINS?)
  • Thank you grass for being so lush and inviting me to lay on you for a period of time until I could get it together.
  • Thank you pain for taking over my body.. HMM
    Thank you Hubby for catering to my weakness all weekend. XOXO
  • My sister in-law Kiersten couldn't have said it any better, " I can do hard things... Hard things are rewarding, because they are HARD."


~..kass..~ said...

I think you rock Lace, and I honestly hope Am peed her pants, brings back too many good memories lol

Nikki+Jeremie said...

hahah this is hillarious! wow at least you did it! miss you!!

Genevieve said...

wow- way to go lacee!

tylerandtia said...

Holy cow girl! You are awesome! Good Job!!!