Sunday, August 9, 2009


Soccer was quiet the EXPERIENCE this year. Thanks Gram and Nana for supporting Temekula.
Ponies at Gardner Village
FIVE: Fancy Nancy bowling party, Pedicure and cupcakes with Auntie Am, DREAM BIRTHDAY: watch Pink Panther and eat quesadillas, Gardner Village with Fatama, Olive Garden, Home made cookies and cream ice cream.. MMM', Cherry Chip cake at Nanas, LOTS OF PRESENTS, best of all daddy gave in to letting me have MAKEUP for my birthday! AWW
TEE BALL : Way better then soccer you don't get tackled by the swarm:)

Beckham is infatuated with water and food!! Needless to say the Doc says hes a little high on the charts so maybe only give him food as a dessert. Sorry little baby mamas milk for now:( He's also become a thumb sucker! (UH-OH.)

Beckham loves the water!! Maybe not the biggest fan about being dunked at 5 months, but he loves to splash and play in it. Poor little guy is teething and MISERABLE! I've heard so many great stories about feeding your baby rice cereal to get them to sleep through the night and I was in dire need of a good nights rest despite what the Doctor had to say about weight:) HE LOVED IT and couldn't get enough!! As for how well the night went he woke up EVERY HOUR AND A HALF!! Thank you research, Beckham is the .01 percent that doesn't experience the full tummy and good nights rest. I read BABY WISE and he slept 10 1/2 hours. GREAT BOOK to skim through and get ideas!!
My mom was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer this June. Please keep her in your prayers!! She's had four treatments of Chemo, but still has a long road ahead of her! XOXOCousins: Beckham and Breashas boysLOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER TIME!!!
I couldn't resist-These videos crack me up. Easily Entertained!! Sorry I don't have a program to encode the videos from my camera. You'll have to live with the water mark for now!!


Katasha Lyn said...

Oh my goodness Lacee, that last video is so freakin cute. A baby's laugh is the greatest sound in the world!

Nikki+Jeremie said...

its about time you updated:)! Lacee you are the cutest little mom! and I love the color of your hair in those pix with tem.. you look gorgeous. Beckham is getting so big too! and I'm so sorry about your mom. I could not believe that when she told me and we are definitely thinking of her!!!Please let me know if you need anything! we love you!

~..kass..~ said...

Cutest kids Lace, looks like she had a great 5th bday! Kenton's is Sunday. I cannot believe they are 5! Crazy!!! Also I really miss the heat. Kenton was swimming no floaties & under water b4 his 3rd b day back home. But here we don't swim as much bc it is not warm. He has totally lost it :(
And I have been praying for your mama and all of you. Tell her that I love her and will keep up the prayers.

the Millers said...

Lace,you quite possily have the cutest kids ever (besides myself, of course! ;) I can't believe Meka is FIVE?! what the heck?? It's so sad how quick it goes by! If you guys ever come to st. George, call me! I'd love to get the kiddies together =)
Oh, and I LOVED babywise, I got some great tips and Harlo's been such a good sleeper! Hope it keeps working for you.

Amber said...

Beckham is so dang cute! Why does Mecka think she can make him laugh so hard. They are so funny!! I can't beleieve She is playing T-ball!! WOW! We will be at her game tonight only because she is being forced into this lesbian activity haha poor girl!!

TravisandLaineeRead said...

AMBER IS SO FUNNY! Your kids are So cute! We need to come see you! We miss our gamers! Like Meka is 5 holy crap!!!

April said...

How freakin cute is your family!? Teme getting make up already?? Wow.. she really got spoiled for her b-day didn't she? I'm glad you finally got Beckham to sleep through the night, even though the rice ceral didn't help! It can make them constipated I've heard..

CurtisandJackie said...

What a fun summer, and I love the girly party! I'm sorry to hear about your Mom, we'll definitely keep her in our prayers!