Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hawaii 09'

HAWAII: long plane ride, good kids, sunsets, tropical shaved ice w/ ice cream, soakin up the sun, relaxing, snorkeling, food, sand castles, golfing at the Prince course, chasing fish in the ocean, babies, aunt Jackie, grandmas, family, swimming (TemeKula was a fish every day, she would actually ask to go to bed around 8 pm from being so worn out. I could get used to that!!), freeze tag, talking to Josh, Mothers day devotion from Jim, talking, laughter, friendly texas hold em' tournament, countless hours of nintendo ds (yes all 8 adults have one!), waking up at 4 or 6 am every day, sun screen, sweet slide I bribed/forced TemeKula to go down with a shaved ice, Pali look out, tasting shrimp for the first time, hot tub. THANKS JIM AND BRENDA!! XOXO


Nikki+Jeremie said...

lace, looks like you guys had so much fun! that is so awesome you all got to go! you lightened your hair..beautiful as always and such a beautiful little fam! love you!

Truston said...

I love the goggles on Beckham. He will be a serious swimmer :)