Saturday, July 19, 2008

TemeKula's Party at Papa and Nana's

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The older TemeKula gets the more "VOCAL" she becomes.(I mean this in many different ways, she never stops talking and LOVES to sing whatever words come to her head!) She chose to have a Cinderella Party at Nana's (Brenda). Brady's mom Brenda is an AMAZING hostess' she loves to throw parties, and with her awesome side kick Papa (Jim) who is a killer at barbequing, it was an amazing turn out.The decorations were super cute thanks to Nana and the kids loved the games. We just had family and it was perfect. The only downfall to moving to Salt Lake was that TemeKula is so far away from some of her cousins, she LOVES to play with them. They spoil her and treat her like shes one, but she soaks it all up! I can't believe how fast these four years have gone by! My sweet little Meka has grown into such a big girl! She loves to use her imagination, dress up, play house, anything GIRLY! I babied her so much through her life that it's kind of hard for her to be independent, but she is learning through school and friends in the neighborhood. I'm so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. She is so witty and fun to have around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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